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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Top 10 Fastest Fish in the World

Fish are one of the most diverse groups of animals living on our planet. There are over 32,400 species of fish known to science and this number is increasing constantly. From the smallest dwarf pygmy goby and Paedocypris progenetica to the largest whale shark, these wonderful creatures are present in the oceans of mother Earth. Here is the list of top 10 Fastest Fish in the world.

10. Tarpon

56 km/hr (35 mph)

There are two species of Tarpons i.e Atlantic Tarpon and Indo-pacific Tarpon in family Megalopidae and as their names suggest they live in the Atlantic and Indo-pacific Oceans respectively. Tarpons can grow to 8 ft. long, weighing up to 80–280 lbs.

9. Four-winged flying fish

56 km/hr (35 mph)

Also known as ‘Blue and Silver Atlantic Flying Fish’ this fish is found in all of the oceans, particularly in warm tropical and subtropical waters. Pectoral fins of these fish facilitate them to hide and escape from predators by jumping out of the water and taking short gliding flights.

8.  Swordfish

64 km/hr (40 mph)

Also known as broadbill, Swordfish are only member of the family Xiphiidae. They can grow to 3 m in length; weighing up to 1,400 lb. Females are larger than males. These are one of the fastest fish present in the world.

7. Bonefish

64 km/hr (40 mph)

Named for their fine bones, Bonefish are also commonly known as banana, banana-fish, Indo-Pacific bonefish and ladyfish. Their color is silver containing dusky fins. Bonefish can be found in warm seas globally. These are very fast swimmers and usually gather in schools of up to 100, all traveling at the same speed and maintaining a constant distance from each other. Their lifespan is more than 19 years.

6. Great blue shark

69 km/hr (43 mph)

These are also known as wolves of the sea. Great blue sharks are the most heavily-fished sharks worldwide, as approximately 10 to 20 million individuals are killed each year. These sharks sometimes attack humans. They can grow to 12.5 ft long and can weigh up to 450 lb. Their lifespan is more than 20 years.

5. Bluefin tuna

70 km/hr (44 mph)

These fish are found throughout the Atlantic and Pacific oceans in subtropical and temperate waters. The bluefin is one of the largest tuna species. Larger species of fish such as Killer whales and pilot whales feed on them. The bluefin tuna is also a popular game fish.

4. Tunny

74 km/hr (46 mph)

This fish is found worldwide in tropical to temperate waters. It has a well-built body shape that helps it for powerful swimming. Tunny feeds on other fish and squid and is considered as an excellent game fish. Their lifespan is more than 10 years.

3. Wahoo

78 km/hr (48 mph)

This fish is distributed worldwide in tropical and subtropical waters. The fish has got different names in various parts of the world for example in Hawaii it is known as Ono and in Central America it is called as Peto. Their lifespan is more than 6 years.

2. Marlin

80 km/hr (50 mph)

This fish is member of family Istiophoridae and its common name is thought to derive from its similarity to a sailor’s marlinspike. Marlin are incredibly fast swimmers. It is the 2nd fastest fish in the world.

1.  Sailfish

110 km/hr (68 mph)

Sailfish is the fastest fish the world. No other creature in the water is fastest than Sailfish. There are two species of this fish in genus Istiophorus. These fish can grow to 9.8 ft long and can weigh up to 200 lb (90 kg). The average life span of a sailfish is 5 to 7 years.

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