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Friday, July 12, 2013

X BOX 720 of different models

Xbox 720

It is expected that Microsoft’s new console Xbox 720 will be available in the market this year though confirmed release date is not announced yet. It is said that this new machine will be an upgrade of 360, but these are rumors as developers are working hard to make it very different. This new console will be smaller as compared to its ancestors.Moreover, it will cost in the range of $300 only.

“Obed it seems is SoC, CPU + GPU, and of course eDRAM, it sounds an awful lot like an evolutionary version of the current XBox 360 chip. Some say it is an x86/Bulldozer part, but everything we have been hearing for a long time says that the chip is going to be a PPC variant. In any case, the GPU is definitely made by AMD/ATI, and IBM has a big hand in the SoC design.”

Vgleaks has recently released some leaked information about the next Xbox (Codename Durango). Besides providing the technical details and system block diagram, the report also indicates that Kinect technology will be build directly into Xbox 720. Such a technology will ensure that every single owner of the new Xbox will automatically be a Kinect owner as well, so Kinect games will be able to reach more people.


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